HPI Consulting Firm has over 30 years of combined law enforcement experience. It is our mission to keep the human spirit alive, because we are the peacemakers, the light in a dark world. We believe in strengthening community bonds through specialized training, policy reform, and recruiting and evaluating exceptional candidates to build community relationships based on service and safety.

The original vision for HPI was to provide prospective law enforcement officers with a realistic glimpse of life on the job. Clients went through various evaluations and training to identify their assets and determine where they fit in the criminal justice system. After spearheading a number of initiatives to improve the tools and tactics her teams were using, the vision for HPI expanded to include specialized training in trauma-informed sexual assault response, active shooter protocol, and community engagement.

HPI remains deeply committed to restoring the bonds between law enforcement and the communities they serve. Her evaluations, trainings, and seminars have been utilized by local, state, and federal agencies across the country.