"You were on the cutting edge of the program, and since then, we have added your opinions and perspectives to the training. We can't thank you enough for your contributions. We conducted the second and final pilot in Gonzales, Louisiana near Baton Rouge. There was a huge embrace of the program from staff state police officers, local chiefs of police, mid-level supervision, and line-level officers. You all led the way!"

- Floyd Wiley

"It was an absolute pleasure to have you conduct a presentation for our recruit officers who have graduated and are providing professional campus public safety services at their various institutions. We are extremely grateful and appreciative that you took the time to speak with these young men and women who serve and protect the thousands of students, faculty, staff, and visitors at our institutions of higher education within the District of Columbia."

- Leroy James
Director of Public Safety Programs Consortiums of Universities of the Washington Metropolitan Area Campus Public Safety Institute.